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Secrets to success for your Tae Kwon Do promotion test.
November 6, 2020 at 5:00 AM

All the details of what to expect at a Tae Kwon Do belt test.

At a promotion test, or Belt test, students demonstrate the skills and techniques they’ve learned. It shows their readiness to progress to the next level and new skills.

On the path to a black belt, students have many opportunities to demonstrate their skills and understanding along the way. At Red Phoenix Tae Kwon Do, we have 10 belt levels, and students generally are invited to a promotion test every three months (depending on classes attended, readiness, and belt level). The promotion test invitation and testing form includes the level-specific information required for the test and is provided to eligible students as they are ready to test for the next level.

Each belt level has a specific poomse (pronounced poom-say), or a pattern of set kicks, punches, blocks, and strikes that must be demonstrated in a specific order. For example, to test for the yellow stripe belt, a student must demonstrate the Kibon poomse. In addition, techniques need to progress through the best levels, so students should demonstrate fundamental skills in their early promotion tests and show more advanced skills as they progress. Knowledge questions will be included as well as level-specific sparring requirement.

Here’s the order of events at a Red Phoenix Tae Kwon Do promotion test:

  • Students should arrive about 20 minutes before the test and check in.
  • Master Cha and the instructors will be seated at the testing table.
  • They’ll sit quietly at the back of the do-jang until the test begins. Friends and family will be able to watch and take photos of their student. Clapping and cheering after students complete each portion of the test is encouraged.
  • A group warmup will get everyone ready to show their best kicks, punches, and poomse.
  • Students testing for each belt level will demonstrate their poomse as a group.
  • Once the poomse are complete for each level, Master Cha will have each group show their fundamental skills as a group, and then individually for level-specific combinations.
  • At this point, the student is asked to answer questions regarding vocabulary, counting, and names of kicks/punches according to each level.
  • Finally, students will don their sparring gear and paired up for the sparring intervals for their level.
  • The photo finish – students will complete the breaking board for their level (e.g. axe kick, jump side kick, spin kick, etc.)
  • Master Cha will award the students their next belt level and provide a certificate.